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As our lives are uncertain, in the same way, markets and stocks are uncertain, they do not always move straight in one direction. Due to this uncertainty, sometime trader or investor become fearful if the price moves against their direction. So to avoid fear and loss while trading, there is one technique called ' Hedging '. Hedging (safety against fear and losses)
To understand this technique/topic, let's take some simple examples like if anyone buys a new bike, then to avoid unnecessary costs while any accident, he/she buys insurance for his/her bike by paying some upfront premium (money) to the insurance company for one year, which provides him protection to his bike and his life with covering third party claim also. 
Let's take one more example if anyone buys a new car, then he will buy insurance to protect himself and his car from accidental cost and to protect himself from third party claim.

So from the above examples, we can conclude that he is simply hedging his…

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How many types of Computer ? 🔥🔥 ( 4 , 7 or 10 ? )

How Many Types Of Computer ?

Written by : Ashish Chahar55 Table Of Contents

' How many types of computer '  There are many answer on internet but there is not a single direct answer , as per me there are 7 types , so first I will mention how many types/kinds of computer , then will explain one by one.
Computer can be classifiedon their data processing capabilities. Computer can be also classified on their working capabilities , storages capacity , money , performance capacity or aim for computers are being used.
Computer on the basis of operating system and data processing capabilities can be classified into three parts which are mentioned below : 
1.) Analog Computer
2.) Digital Computer
3.) Hybrid Computers 
Computer on the basis of size , storage capacity and performance can be classified into 4 parts :
1.) Super Computer
2.) Mainframe Computer 
3.) Mini Computer
4.) Micro Computer : ( sub - division )
a) Workstations b) Desktops c) Palmtop / Tablet  d) Laptops  e) Notebook
Now , w…

What Do Cats Eat? | 13 human food cats can eat🔥🔥

What Do Cats Eat ?

Are you curious to know 'what do cats eat' , then this article is for you .
Nowadays cats are winning hearts of people , especially those who have small houses and apartments .They are very independent and many times end up with eating human food.
Cats are omnivorous ( animals who eat both flesh and vages ) , it all depends on cats digestive system , is cat has lactose or gluten problem or anything else.
Like we eat different food which we call a 'balanced diet' ( a balanced diet is a diet which includes all minerals , vitamins , carbohydrates , oils , proteins , healthy fats etc. , which help to provide body immunity and all nutrients to body) , in the same way you cat requires a balanced diet to make his bones , muscles , organs , skin and hairs healthy and strong
here i will try to discuss human foods including both vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods , so let's get started .
Cheese / Ghee / Butter
Cats love to eat Desi ghee , they always try to e…

What does it mean to be a human🔥🔥

What does it mean to be a human
There is a great diversity of living organisms , of which humans are most intelligent , considering our origin we will try to understand What does it mean to be a human .
First i will describe what does it mean to be a human.
• Being a human means we are intelligent.
• Being a human means we are care taker of this Earth.
• Being a human means we can self- care.
• Being a human means we can judge what is right and wrong.
• Being a human means we continue to do better from past in short humans continue to improve themselves and their work.

• Being a human we grow our food in the form of grains , milk cows , rear animals.
• Being a human means we have feelings about other , we can invent new things , we can care other species , we can make machines , we are creator of science .
• Being a human means we can talk , we have different languages , we have a sharp mind to do new things , we have our own houses , we can handle environment conditions.
• Being a human me…

How to earn money as a kid 🤑 - 5 untold ways

-- How to earn money as a kid --Fast with very less work and in less time --
Earning money in this world is very tough. Here I have tried to show ways that how to earn money as a kid which will definitely help to earn money.

 And at the same time , in this world with hard or smart work people are not able to make a little bucks to live a stress free lives as in every field ( jobs , shops , online blogging etc.) you will find a lot of competition .

 Here I will try to tell you 5 untold and practical ways so that you can understandhow to earn money as a kid fast , so keep your breathes long and focus on below points and let's get started :-))
We  will discuss both online and offline ways 
1.) Blogging :Blogging is as we all know making a website and writing your experience or any other topic , on which when decent amount of visitors start to come , you can earn by placing Google ads on your website . When visitors see these Google ads , then Google pays money for it .

Let's enter some…

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