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Ashwagandha how to use | benefits | side effects | dosages

Ashwagandha uses

Scientific Name:Withania somnifera
◼ Group:Solanaceae
◼ English Name : Winter Cherry

πŸ”΅πŸ”΅ Ashwagandha is mainly consists of a flyable oil and Bitheniol named material....

◼◼ Ashwagandha uses or Ashwagandha how to use :-
Ashwagandha health benefits

Ashwagandha is mainly uses in powered form in all over the world . Ashwagandha helps to increase power in body , it gives power both mentally and physically.

◼ Mentally by providing relax to mind , by reducing anxiety and depression from mind.Physically by by making bones stronger ,increasing muscularity in body and by making tissues flexible.

  ◽◽ Ashwagandha for Weakness ◽◽
In ancient Ayurveda,its said that,if a person consumes Ashwagandha daily for one year ,he becomes free from diseases and he starts to live like a 20'sYoung Man.

◼ 10 gram Ashwaganda+10 gram Sesame+10 gram Ghee(butter),can be consumed in winter season to become muscular from a thin guy.

Ghee / butter
Solid sugar /crystal sugar
Ashwagandha powder 6 gram + 6 gram solid sugar + 6 gram Ghee , if a person takes this mixture in winter season for 4 months ,then can control his increasing ages problems.. 

◽◽Ashwaganda For Infertility◽◽

Ashwagandha Powder 3 gram + 3 gram + powdered solid sugar (ayurvedic sugar) , can taken in morning and evening with very fresh(suddenly after milking cow)  cow milk before 3 hours from food in morning to decrease Infertility .

◼◼◼◼Ashwagandh for arthritis , inflammation of a joint , osteoarthritis and other body pain :-

Ashwagandha poweder 2 gram + 1 gram turmeric powder can be taken daily in morning and evening after food with warm milk to decrease the effect of these diseases.

Ashwagandha benefits
πŸ”΄ Now is Ashwagandha safe ????
Ans.◼ There is no such side effects of ashwagandha , as it's warm in nature ,so those people whose body has excessive heat and stomach acid in their body can consult their family doctor ..

πŸ”΄ Ashwagandha side effects::- 
There are no such side effects of ashwagandha but you should consult Your family doctor first ...

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 ◼ It's has been seen that Consuming of ashwagandha increase eye sight , decreases calcium deficiency and make hairs stronger and thicker ...

πŸ’ πŸ’ DOSAGE :

◾◾15 - 20 (Age)::2 grams daily with solid sugar (1 gram in morning and 1 in evening after food).

◾◾20 to 30 (age):: 5 grams daily with solid sugar(2 gram in evening and 3 grams in evening after food).

◾◾ 30 and above (age)::: 6 grams daily with solid sugar (3 gram in morning and 3 gram in evening after food ).πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅

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