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Constipation and bloating meaning - diet , yoga , remedies etc.

Constipation and bloating
Constipation definition : - 

 Constipation is the difficulty in passing out stool/bowel from the body and if exists for long time , it becomes chronic constipation , meaning constantly facing difficulty in passing out stool/bowel from the body....

As stool passes through large intestine/colon , where extra water is absorbed from the stool converting liquid waste into thick or solid waste.

But when take long time to passing through colon , cause more water to absorb from it , this make stool more dry and hard , which in turn causes constipation....

 In this page we will discuss about these topics : -

1.) Constipation causes 

2.) Constipation diet 
3.) Constipation remedies and Yoga 
4.) Can constipation cause fever??
5.) Constipation and Bloating 

Constipation causes : -

1.) Avoiding to go bathroom : Laziness in going bathroom to pass stool out from the body , causes stool to remain in colon for long time which cause more absorption of water , makes stool more dry and harder ....

2.) Drinking less water : Not drinking adequate water in a day , cause deficiency of water in body which increase heat in the body ,

So to maintain temperature , colon starts to absorb more water from stool , causing stool more dry and harder , which in turn causes constipation.

3.) Eating less food : If you are eating less than your body requirement , body starts to absorb more nutrient and water from the food .

 Causing stool to become more dried and hard to pass through colon and rectum and directly causes constipation.....

4.) Drinking less water : Water is the main requirement of our body , water is required by every organ of our body .

Drinking less water cause deficiency of water , colon starts to absorb more water from stool , causing stool to make more dry and hard to pass through rectum....

5.) Eating fast food : Eating burger , pizza , pastry , cakes etc. on regular basis makes digestive system weaker as these things are full of spices and things which take more time to digest and move .

 As these food take more time to move and digest , causing indirectly constipation in your body .....

Constipation diet
Constipation diet : -

4:45 am : Wake up and drink 500ml of Luke warm water.

5:30 am : After getting fresh , start doing exercises and yoga for half hour.

Follow your regular routine.

10:00 pm : After taking dinner , drink 250ml water.

 Explanation : Get up early from the bed and drink 500ml of lukewarm water and walk for about three minutes in your house , this will increase pressure on your stool .

After that try to do yoga and exercises for about half hours. You can take your breakfast after one to two hours yoga .

Try to drink at least three litres of water in a day . Try to eat healthy and balanced food . Before sleeping try to take 250ml of milk or water , this will meet your water requirement drying sleeping . Rest you can follow your regular routine.....

 Remedies for constipation :- 

1.) Establish your daily routine : Establish a daily routine to wake up early and also get fresh early . Don't try to be lazy in going bathroom early.

Making your daily routine to pass stool from time to time , decrease the water absorption and heat generation( when stool rains for long time in body) . Directly it will decrease your constipation problems....

2.) Eat apple or guava : Guava increase the stimulation of stool in colon due to its laxative nature and apple make digestive system stronger .

So try to eat atleast an apple or guava , this will help to decrease constipation it's pain...

3.) Eating balanced and enough food : We work whole day , do daily activities or any other work , to do these all thing our body needs energy .

And if you are eating less than your requirement , then your body will start to absorb more nutrient and water from the body , causing in forming dry and hard stool , which in turn causes constipation. 

So , always try to eat organic , balanced , healthy and enough food....

4.) Try bottle guard juice : Drinking one glass of bottle guard juice in morning , increases the functioning of the digestive system and also acts as a laxative.....

5.) Yoga and exercises : Doing exercises and yoga in early morning decrease the risk of any diseases in your body .

Yoga like Pranayama , Padamasana , Uttan - padasana etc. makes digestive system healthy and increase the bowel movement , which decrease the constipation to zero or permanent cure for lifetime .....

Constipation Yoga

6.) Give time to your food : Did you know digestion of food starts from our mouth by mixing of Saliva in food and break down of carbs.

Saliva mixes with food and our teeth break food in smaller pieces which makes food softer and easy to digest.

If you are eating your food in only five minutes then this will increases the work of your digestive system causing constipation.

So , try to give at least ten to twenty minutes to complete your food . This will make food to be more softer and easy to pass through intestines and colon , which in turn decreases constipation ....

7.) Drink enough water : Try to drink atleast three to four litres of water , this makes your stool softer making it easier to pass through colon.

And also decrease the heat in the body , decreasing the absorption of more water from stool in colon , making it easy to pass out ....

8.) Try Ayurveda : Ayurveda has a permanent solution for constipation. You can use churna , amla and alovera juice , ayurvedic laxatives etc. Ayurveda gives you the best solution to get rid of constipation permanently........

Can Constipation causes fever ????

No , but constipation increases heat in our body due to high presence of waste material in our body ....

Constipation and bloating : -

 If you are suffering from constipation for a long time , then because of this bloating can also occur in your stomach.

Bloating is a situation in which gad doesn't passes from body , which can cause pain in stomach .

To reduce bloating or risk of of bloating , always clean your stomach early in the morning and try to avoid food which increase bloating like potatoes , fast food , spicy food, grams etc.

You can eat raddish , cut raddish and sprinkle some salt on it and eat . After 3 to 4 minutes , you can get relief from bloating....

SUMMARY : Out of hundred people , fifty people are facing constipation in this world . Eating proper food ,drinking enough water , doing yoga and exercises , eating food properly , taking care of your body can decrease the risk of constipation..........


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