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Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming :-

Dairy Farming is basically moves around cows and Buffalo's .Main source of income from this Farming is Milk and Cow dung.

Milk can be sell in local area or city and Cow dung can be use to make organic fertiliser and many other useful agriculture organic fertiliser. 

Also Bio-Gas can be produced from Cow  dung ,which can be further use for fertiliser and for producing electricity ..

Requirements for opening Dairy Farm :-

1.) For setting a dairy farm of five cow/buffaloes(for begginers expert farmer's suggest to start first from cows) ideally 40×40 ft. area is enough.

2.) A covered area for these cows to rest at night or in bad weather conditions.
3.) One worker to feed and take care of these cows and farm.

4.) A milking machine but if worker know how to milk a cow then this can be very beneficial in starting .

5.) A better water system for cows to drink,dry fodder ,green fodder(if not available ,dry fodder can also work but green fodder increase energy and milk yields in cows) , medicine (eg. For Bloating ,loose motions ,fever etc. ),Khal /Churi/protein feed(can be made own by the owner),Common salt (this keep cows healthy ) .

How Much Earning:-

This all depends on food and price of milk we get ,lesser the cost of the food ,more the profit
Rough estimate :-
Average milk yield (per day ) by one cow +×5 = 20ltr .×5
=100 LTE. of milk/daily
Cost of feed :-
5 ₹ /kg fodder +22 ₹/kg protein Khal/Churi
+green fodder (if it's from owner farm it's price shall tend be 0).

To produce 20 ltr. milk from one cow usually 10 kg protein cakes +4 kg dry fodder (this amount can be increased or decreased on basis of availability of green fodder.

So profit = Milk price ×Total milk-cost of cows
=30₹(price milk)×100 ltr.(milk)-{{220(cost of protein cakes)-20 (fodder cost)×10 (five cows cost}
=18000 per month -7000(cost of worker)
=11000 ₹ + Huge cow dung (This is a rough estimation price and profit depends on raw material and operating cost)....
Before starting any work ,business or Earning source it's compulsory to calculate profit /loss ,operating cost ,revenue and earnings,this type of analysis is very beneficial and helpful to be firmed determined on our way...

1.) Cow requires clean living area and environment to give better milk and to protect from diseases
2.) Living area of cows must be dried not be dusty or wet ..
3.) Milk price and feeding cost is the most important.


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