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Goat Farming - Is it Profitable 🔥🔥

🔵🔵Goat Farming :-
Goat Farming is mainly done for milk or meat .Goats are found in, all over India .Goat Farming can be a good  secondary or tertiary source of income.Demand of meat increases during festive seasons and local demand is always available in India.

🔴🔴Requirements for setupping Goat farm :-
⚪⚪Numbers of goat can be as of Your wish but we take a rough estimate of 10 goats costing 10,000₹ each ,with average 2 baby Goats.
⚪⚪Green fodder ,Dry fodder ,Mineral Mixture,protein cakes,common salt,medicines etc....
⚫⚫Tin shed or can be according to Your requirements as a good and clean living area takes away diseases and germs from farm and make Goats healthy .
⚫⚫Water system, electricity  and vessels  of plastics or iron to feed Goats .
⚫⚫Ten goats require a minimum area of 40×40 ft.
⚪⚪General medicines are required such as for stomach Bloating problems , common fever ,stomach digestion booster ,calcium source etc.........
🔴🔴Operating Cost:-
⚪⚪Average cost comes around  30₹(one goat -two baby Goats ,excluding milk sale if milk is sold)
🔴🔴Profit estimation:-
⚫⚫If we sell 20 baby goats after 5 months at 300₹/kg and each baby comes to weight 25kg then revenue shall be 25×20×300=1,50000₹
Net income will be =Revenue -Operating cost
=150000-90000(150 days/5month cost )
=60,000₹ Net profit !!!!!!!
◼Cost of feeding differ from area to area ,profit and loss depends upon how much cost of -Operating is managed,So You can check or visit Your near by Goat farm for more and better practical information ........
⚫⚫Vaccination is most important in goat Farming as they keeps goat healthy and increases profit .PPR ,FMD etc. are the most common vaccine to protect our goats .
For more information, You can visit
This is the official site of govt. which takes care and implement vaccination programs ..
◼Before starting any work ,business or Earning source it's compulsory to calculate profit /loss ,operating cost ,revenue and earnings,this type of analysis is very beneficial and helpful to be firmed determined on our way....
◼Farm should be clean and according to suitable temperature required by goats .
◼Better food quality with all daily need nutrients will increase profit and decrease diseases.
◼There are many goat breed in India but these live according to area ,if we change these goats to far places then they become more come to diseases .So always uses breeds which are locally reared or purchase those Goat breeds which can easily accept and grow in our environmental and weather conditions.....
▪Read Disclaimer.


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