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Honey benefits | for cough | honey with milk | lemon | 5 min read

Honey benefits
 πŸ”΅ Honey is a transformed material by honeybees,before honey,its collected from flower in the form of pollen,nector,water and plant sap ,after a long process it's formed into honey .....

= Honey is vegan or not ,this depends on the way how honey is collected..

πŸ’  πŸ’  In this page , we will discuss about honey nutrition facts,honey benefits and many more , so let's get started -))

 ⏺⏺Honey Nutrition⏺⏺

    Per 100 grams
Fats : 0 grams
Calories : 320 kcal
◼ Natural sugar : 80 grams
◼ Carbohydrate : 80 grams
◼ Protein : 0 grams
◼ Sodium : 20mg
◼ Potassium : 130mg
◼ Calcium : 12mg
◼ phosphorus : 5mg 
◼ Iron : 1.6mg

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Honey Health Benefits

 ◾◾ Honey benefits ◾◾

◼◼◼ Honey for Cough : 
    Black pepper powder one gram + one tsp. ginger juice + one spoon of honey can be take twice or thrice a day ......

◼◼◼ Honey with lemon : 
    One spoon of honey + half lemon juice can be consumed with lukewarm water ,daily in the morning with an empty stomach to lose extra fat.....

    One spoon of honey + half lemon juice , mix these two , a thin mixture will be made ,apply this on Your face for about ten to twenty minutes and rinse with cold water , this will make your face skin soft , glowing and oil free........

Honey with Milk

◼◼◼ Honey with milk :
    Honey with milk acts like a immune booster drink , as honey contains antioxidants , antibacterial and antifungal properties and milk is itself a complete food ....

    This drink helps to relieve depression , improves nervous system.

    Honey can be taken with Luke warm milk before bedtime,this will help to improve digestion , constipation and also reduces bone pain.

    Honey increase both mental and physical capacity,and gives us a positive effect on our work and life ........

Honey benefits
◼◼◼ Honey on/for skin :
    One spoon of honey + half lemon juice , mix these two , a thin mixture will be made ,apply this on Your face for about ten to twenty minutes and rinse with cold water , this will make your face skin soft , glowing and oil free........

    Honey one spoon + 4 gram (gram flour) + 2 gram turmeric can be mixed with rose water and applied on our face for about ten to fifteen minutes and rinse with cold water 
    These two methods can be done twice a week , these will help to make your skin soft , oil free and glowing........

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πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ Other useful benefits of honey .....

⏹⏹ Honey has good anti-septic quality , so it aids in early healing of injuries. And it's also a good blood purifier...... 

⏹⏹ Functions as an excellent antioxidant.Bring about reduction of the wrinkles , blemish , signs of aging.......

⏹⏹  Acts as an instantaneous energizer because of its rich contents of sugar , which are quickly absorbed by our digestive system and converts into energy.......

⏹⏹  Honey acts as a sedative and is very useful in bed wetting disorders.......


πŸ’ πŸ’  SUMMARY ::: One spoon of       πŸ’    honey in Milk at night and at morning , makes our body disease resistant from seasonal diseases.Also honey makes our skin brighter ........πŸ”΅ πŸ”΅ πŸ”΅


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