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How to Open a Spice Shop Wholesaler to make Money

Spice Shop Wholesaler:-
This business comes under daily need products.Each house in India uses daily spices.Some people use these precious spices for medicinal purpose also.S pice includes chilli,turmeric,coriander,saffron,cinnamon,clover,peppers,starnies,garlic and the list goes on....
Requirements for setupping of spice business:--
🔵🔵A pulverizer or spice grinder machine .This is the initial requirement for this business, if You want to grind own Your own.This machine costs around 20,000₹ to 30,000₹.
🔵🔵Raw Material which mainly includes chilli,coriander and turmeric ,these things sells in powered and whole forms .Garlic,cardamon,cinnamon,cloves etc..These spices can be buy from local market and State Capital or District Mandi at an attractive prices.
🔴🔴A rental shop or car or this can be started from own house.You can sell your products in local market relatives or on your rental shop.Also you can give samples of your products to your known people .
Profit estimation:-.                   
Red chilli whole=110-150₹/kg
Coriander whole=70-80₹/kg
Turmeric whole=70 -100₹/kg
Grinding cost and    packaging cost also adds .
Selling price per kg of spices differ from area to area.
Precautions :-
🔴🔴Before starting any work ,business or Earning source it's compulsory to calculate profit /loss ,operating cost ,revenue and earnings,this type of analysis is very beneficial and helpful to be firmed determined on our way....
🔴🔴At starting first start with less grinding or as much you sells.
🔴🔴Check prices in market your competitors sell these spices.You can sell lower than them so that people can attract towards our product.
🔴🔴Quality with lower price is the universal truth in India .....
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