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Ghee vs butter - Ghee benefits , is ghee vegan? , Ghee making

Ghee vs butter - Ghee benefits , is ghee vegan? , Ghee making
Ghee making
Ghee is a clarified* butter , when butter is boiled , a golden liquid is left behind , which is filtered called Ghee...
Ghee is widely used in India as a daily diet....
* Clarified means making ghee from butter by heating and filtering.

In this post we will discuss about :-

1.) Ghee vs butter
2.) Is ghee vegan??
3.) Ghee nutrition values
4.) Ghee making 
5.) Ghee for skin
6.) Ghee Dosages
7.) Ghee benefits
  So let's get started 

Ghee vs butter 

1.) Ghee is clarified butter while butter is solid fat made from milk.

2.) Ghee has lower or bill amount of lactose compared to butter making it more safe for lactose intolerance person.

3.) Butter is slightly salty and creamy in taste but ghee has a better nutty taste than butter .

4.) Ghee and butter both are being used as a food taste enhancer but ghee takes the pride as it's enhances than butter.

5.) In baking also , ghee makes the food more softer , crunchy and tastier than butter.

6.) Ghee helps to deliver nutrients to all the parts of body.

7.) Ghee contains CLA( conjugated linoleic acid) , Vitamin K and fat soluble vitamin A , vitamin D and vitamin E , as well as many anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that ensures you don't fall sick.

In terms of health and nutrient , ghee is rich in its content , while comparing ghee and butter.

Is ghee vegan????

Ghee is vegan or not . It depends on the way how it's made .

Ghee available in market is made from only dairy cow and we all know how dairy Cows are reared. That's why in my view , ghee available in market is not vegan...

But , best way to get vegan ghee is to contact your nearby farmer and ask him to give you ghee , made from the extra milk remain in udder after the calf has full his/her stomach . In this way you can get a fully vegan ghee....

Ghee nutrition values

Nutritional Information (per 100gram) 

Energy - 897.3kcal
Protein - 0gm
Carbohydrate - 0gm
Sugar - 0gm
Total fat - 99.7gm
Saturated fat - 78.46gm
MUFA - 18.91gm
PUFA - 1.87gm
Trans fat - 3gm
Cholesterol - 249mg
Dietary fibre - 0g
Sodium - 0mg
Vitamin A - 944mcg

Ghee is made of full spectrum short medium and long chain fatty acids , ghee contains both saturated and unsaturated fat.Ghee contains Omega 9 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids . Ghee also contains vitamin A,D,E and K . Ghee also contains CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid)...

 Ghee Making 

Ghee making
Ghee making 
Here is the recipe to make ghee from butter very easy at home.

We have to take 250gram of unsalted butter , cut the butter into small cubes to melt it easily other wise there is a chance of uneven burning while melting butter.

Put a small thick bottom vessel on medium flame. When vessel becomes hot , add the diced butter to the hot vessel. Keep mixing the butter until butter melts evenly and become liquid. If butter melts unevenly , we will not get our expected results.

Once completely melted , it starts to bubble , keep swirling the vessel so that the melted butter get heat evenly . 

In a few seconds , wait for bubbles to get bigger and start pooping sound . You will hear crackling sound.

Never stop swirling , as it has to take heat evenly . Slowly the bubble becomes smaller to form a foaming layer on top and liquid starts to change colour.

When you see a little brownish tint , these brownish tint suggest the the ghee is ready .

You can heat heat more if you prefer more tint . Then take off heat and leave the clarified butter to cook in its own heat for about three minutes.

Ghee making
Ghee making 

Now , you can filter this clarified butter into a new vessel and your ghee is ready to use or serve.....

 Ghee for skin 

As , ghee contains Vitamin-E and oily in nature , moisturize your skin . Massaging of ghee decreases the dryness of the skin and makes skin smooth , moisturized , glowing and dryness free.

You can make a mixture of turmeric powder + ghee + rose water + gram flour in equal amount , mix these all well, now apply on your skin for about ten minutes  and then wash your skin with facewash which removes oil with lukewarm water .

Doing this process twice in a week , makes skin glowing , remove dryness , removes dark heads and wrinkles .....

 Ghee Dosages 

 You can eat 10 to 15 gram of ghee on daily basis. As ghee is a derived from butter , you can use as normal butter. 

If you are eating healthy and organic food like green vegetables , non-fat milk or curd etc. , you can increase or decrease the amount of ghee depending upon which type of food you are eating .

If you are eating a high fatty food then less amount and vice versa .

According to Ayurveda , mixing ghee with honey is considered as a poison , so never try to mix these both.

Ghee benefits

1.) Beneficial for eyes : As ghee contains Vitamin-A in the form of carotene , it helps to increase eye sight or even cam help in curing night blindness.

If you are facing age related eye problems like straining in eyes , decreasing eye sight , night blindness etc . consuming ghee can be very beneficial.

2.) Beneficial for skin : As ghee contains Vitamin-E , it helps to come over from many skin problems like wrinkles , scars , wrinkles etc.

If you are facing age-related skin problems , dryness , itching , any fungal infections etc . massaging of ghee on affected area can really do some amazing work....

3.) Beneficial for digestive system : As ghee us cooler in nature , ghee promotes the health of stomach and intestinal walls.

Ghee us also very beneficial for the patient having ulcer , ulcerative colitis or intestinal ulcer.....

4.) Acts as a energy booster : As ghee contains higher amount of calories , it can be beneficial if you loss if energy , loss of interest , feeling tired , laziness etc.

Ghee benefits
Ghee benefits
5.) Food taste enhancer : Drop one to two spoon of ghee on chapati , rice , on daily food and on any vegetarian food , see the magic.

Ghee gives a unique aroma , when mixed with food and also enhance the taste of food to that level , where no one can say 'no' to that food.....

6.) Heal wounds : As ghee contains Vitamin-K and E , full of antioxidants it helps in healing wound fast , helps in repairing tissues vastly and also support in building a strong immune system.....

7.) Beneficial for brain and other organs : Ghee provides essential nutrients to brain and all other body parts. Taking 2gram of ghee and 2 gram of ashwagandha with one glass of milk , boosts fertility .

Taking two gram Ghee and two gram pure almond oil with one glass of milk increase the functioning of brain and helps to get cure from brain diseases...

8.) Lubricates joints : Ghee us widely used in India from ancient times in curing bone related diseases.

Taking 2gram ghee and 3 gram ashwagandha with one glass of warm milk daily , increase lubrication between bones and joints......

9.) Beneficial for diabetes : Pure cow ghee lowers the glycemic index* of any food ,it us added to. Eating low glycemic food decrease the diabetes and the risk of having diabetes.....
* Glycemic index is the measure of how quickly a particular food item causes blood sugar level to rise.

Ghee benefits
Ghee benefits
10.) Can be used for deep frying : Ghee is very ideal for deep frying because it's smoke point* is 250°C , which is very high comparing to other cooking oils....
* Smoke point is a temperature point , where any substances loses its all nutrient and beneficial properties.

11.) Lactose free : Ghee has almost zero amount of lactose content comparing to butter , so a lactose intolerant person can easily consume this super food....

SUMMARY : Ghee is full of nutrients and health benefits but there is some minus point also , that is , as it contains saturated fat so doctor consider it as a cholesterol booster so try to get suggestion from your health advisor . 

Ghee contains Vitamin-E,A,D and K which beneficial for skin , bones and body. It helps to lubricate joints , boosts energy , nourishes skin , reduces wrinkles , act as a Braun tonic and many more.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this website is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .We are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. All the content published in our website is our own experience..


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