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How to earn money as a kid πŸ€‘ - 5 untold ways

-- How to earn money as a kid --Fast with very less work and in less time --

How to earn money as a kid
How to earn money as a kid

Earning money in this world is very tough. Here I have tried to show ways that how to earn money as a kid which will definitely help to earn money.

 And at the same time , in this world with hard or smart work people are not able to make a little bucks to live a stress free lives as in every field ( jobs , shops , online blogging etc.) you will find a lot of competition .

 Here I will try to tell you 5 untold and practical ways so that you can understand how to earn money as a kid fast , so keep your breathes long and focus on below points and let's get started :-))

We  will discuss both online and offline ways 

1.) Blogging : Blogging is as we all know making a website and writing your experience or any other topic , on which when decent amount of visitors start to come , you can earn by placing Google ads on your website . When visitors see these Google ads , then Google pays money for it .

Let's enter some deeper in blogging :-

Websites usually are of three type :

1.) General website : General website is a website which covers topics more than two or three areas like a website which has topic related to diseases , ayurvedic herbs , home remedies etc. 
In this there are more than two or three areas , it mainly covers lots of things from many segments.

2.) Niche website : Niche website covers only a selected segment , let's understand from above example as general website we take disease , ayurvedic herbs etc. but in niche website only one segment is taken like only ayurvedic herbs.

3.) Micro Niche website : Micro niche website is more concentrated than Niche website , like in ayurvedic herbs you will only write content about particular herbs related to only one disease like for example only about diabetes.

I hope you have understand about websites . Anyone can start with any of these websites which is discussed above.

You can start free making website on Blogger website which is a part of Google where they give you life time hosting to hosting your website and life time domain name with xyz names.


1.) Where to make website :
 Nothing to worry , open your internet browser and go into Blogger website , here you can  make your website freely for life time 
2.) How many time it will take to make money :
Not fixed but usually 6 to 8 months with continuous efforts.
3.) How much time I have to daily give for it :
  5 to 6 hours daily if you want earn fast.
Blogger Website link :

2.) Trading : As the name suggests 'trading' means buying and selling of something it's can be a living or non living thing .

But in our case we are discussing about the buying and selling of stocks , ETFs , scripts etc. which are traded in every countries with their registered exchanges like in USA , Dow Jones is there , in India NSE and BSE  etc.

In this like local market is available in our cities where we buy fruits , vegetables and other stuffs .. like that there is a electronic market which has fixed time for opening and closing which vary from country to country.

Let's see an example. Assume a stock is trading at 50$ and you place a buy order of 100 shares , and after 5 to 10 minutes it comes to 53$  and you place a sell order of 100 share to exit which you bought. In this your profit per share is 3$ so for 100 shares 300$ in a day , that's how trading works .


I am strictly against of trading , anybody who doesn't have any active decent amount of monthly paying job should avoid trading.


1.) Where these buying and selling is done :
Buying and selling settlement is done by brokers who are authorised by Exchanges. There are many brokers in a particular  countries.

2.) Which documents are required :
These vary from country , you can contact your broker he will describe all the thing very neatly.

3.) Is it requires any experience and qualifications??
No qualifications but it definitely required experience as Trading is a very risky task in minutes it can wipe off your money and also it can double money in minutes , it all depends on exit and entries and timing.

3.) Selling your experience :  Hey Bro , do you think that you haven't any experience , if 'Yes' , then you are wrong as normal kid can only try to play games , watching YouTube , other stuffs. 

But you are here , reading these lines means you are totally different from those common kids , you want to do something big , you want to prove yourself , you want to be a rich man ..

Think any field in which you are more expert than other person , it can be in video games , making websites , writing codes , making apps etc. If you get your answer then doors are open to start work and earn money but it's hard to do not impossible.

You can work on Fiverr , upwork , can start course in which you are expert etc. 

As we discussed above if you have a special expert in any field like giving lectures , English Grammer , app buildings , website making , html and coding , visual basics or any other quality which Young's want to learn .

Then UDEMY is for you , here you can record your lecture videos of any of above discussed and put a fix price and launch it . So when , any students or any person buys if you will get that money.

It can be your passive income as learning will be in this world forever.

4.) Video Editor : You always like watching movies , videos , Mr. Bean etc. on YouTube but do you know how much hard work and time is require to make that video?? 

It requires about 30 to 60 mins to only edit that video which we see . And this editor is highly paid by the owner of that channel .

So , if you know how to edit video and well versed with any professional video editor software then you are ready to earn.


1.) Where to contact if I know video editing : 
You can post on Fiverr or upwork , or you can contact any YouTuber which knows you.

2.) What to do if I don't know video editing :
YouTube is free to learn or you can do some other thing which I have shared in previous points.

3.) How much I will be paid :
It will be above your all friends collective total money , jokes apart but you will be paid decent.

5.) YouTube Videos : Making YouTube videos can also be a good work to start , only thing you will require microphone , a camera or smartphone and a laptop.

Making YouTube videos can also increase your blogging revenue as you can share link on your channel and you can also describe in your videos that on my website these extra things you will get.

Earning will take months but once started you will be surprised.


1.) Where to learn : 
YouTube is free , it will help you out of this problem.

2.) How much time it will take: 
It all depends on your skill , your knowledge , your videos , people interest etc.

3.) How I will earn from YouTube :
Like Google AdSense shows ads on website and gives money , if visitors come and see or click .
Like in the same way Google AdSense shows ads on your YouTube channel and gives money when people shows your video , but you can only register for Google AdSense if your channel has minimum one thousand subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in past twelve months.

As newer updates come YouTube has also increased ways to increase income of channel by monetizing channels. 

Let's understand briefly , you have seen many a ' Join ' button near 'Subscribe' button on some channel . This 'Join' button is their other earning way.

By Joining a channel by clicking on 'Join' button , you agree to pay fixed amount of money to that channel on monthly basis which is auto debit by Google , after every 30 days and of which around 40% is transferred to Google and rest to owner of that channel.

Now , you are thinking why people will give money to any channel. Let's understand , if anybody's channel is of stock market learning , and he can only share some videos free on YouTube and other for paid members who have joined the channel , then the paid video will be only visible to paid members , even a single person cannot watch that video freely without becoming a member.

Now let's say , any channel has average 100 members , and he take 10$ monthly from each member then total amount will be 1000$ a month which is not a very bad sounding money.

I hope this article will help you to learn more about Youtube and YouTube earning.

6.) Amazon Affiliates : Amazon Affiliates is a online based organised system by Amazon which work in all countries.

Amazon gives you a fixed margin say 12% on any product if it's sells through your link by your website or any other soucre. Keep in mind you will only get margin when a customer buys product from Amazon by your link.

Official Amazon Affiliates Website Link :

All things you will require is a platform through which , you will send customer to Amazon . Now which type of platform you will require???
It can be your blogging website or it can be your own YouTube channel.

You can make a separate niche website such as on beauty products , study materials , industrial equipments , medicines , home appliances , clothes , electric products , watches , shoes etc. and link fully your niche website to Amazon Affiliates , and you will be paid , if any customer buy through your link.

By creating YouTube channel , like if you starts a educational channel , where you teach something and show some book that these are good to read , and you shared link of that book in description of your channel , so if any person buy that book through your link then you will be paid by Amazon Affiliates.
But this thing is tough to do but not impossible , so try everything you can.

7.) Online Advertisement : Online Advertisement is now becoming very popular. As we see ads on websites , on televisions etc. are ads which are run by website owner and TV channels in turn they get money for showing ads on websites and TV's .

Like this many small business , many brokers , many insurance corporations , many small financial banks , many big websites want to advertise their products and their services , for which they pay money .

You can contact these to show ads on your website , for which they will pay huge amount of money , if customers available their services through your websites.

Recently some brokers has introduced referral codes , which anybody can use , and place on their websites and YouTube channel.
So , if any person open account through that referral code and link then that website holder or YouTube channel holder will be paid for that.

Now you are thinking that how I will find these ads promoters who wants to advertise their services.
So here is my simple answer , when your website or YouTube channel , these companies automatically come to your channel and website .

Also you can add a extra menu with words 'Advertise With Us'  . Here you can provide your email link or your commercial phone number through which these companies can contact you.

    ' How to earn money as a kid '

Now we will try to discuss some offline ways.

1.) Updating your hand and mind skills : Here by updating your hand and mind skills I am trying to say that learn as much as you can , and experience as much as you can.

Learning means learn something from YouTube if you are travelling by watching new thing which you don't know exist and experience . 

Watching and time passing on YouTube  , WhatsApp , Facebook , Twitter etc. by replying and reading non- sense comments , that just only wasting your time.

Remember my words only your earned money and your parent will help you in your bad time ( I wish never come in anybody's life ) .

Learning and experiencing new things will help you a lot ,I know it will not help you that same day but I promise one day it will help you to become something people dreams.

2.) Go out and see what people needs :  If you are in a city and you don't much think about what people think if you do hard work then this thing is for you.

Go in your city and watch your city people what they are buying , what extra things they need , if you can provide these things to them with a cheaper price compare to market.

In this way , you will products which people are buying ( daily need product list differ from area to area and country to country ).

Same way you can search your city shops what products they sell , if you can supply some of these with high margin to them with same quality or high than that.
How to do this I have described in next section.

3.)  Registering Your work on Google Maps : If your family has a shop , you can register , it on Google Maps and decorate it neatly with all information about your products , images , rates contacts etc. 

By doing this , your business will directly profits as when a new person come to your city and he wants same products which you keep on your shop then he will search on Google Maps and when your address will he visible , he will try to contact you and you will be benefited.

4.) Agro-Business : Agro-business includes all thing which come under farming and animal. If you have a farm , then it can be a good small income source.

You can start rearing goats for meat , cows or buffaloes for milking or even on a small portion you can start a poultry farm , but this agro-business require physical work so if you are not fit with physical work then this is not for you.

You can also start supplying raw products to farmers like seeds , fertilizers etc.

Or if you lives in a city which is surrounded with villages and dairy farms , then you can become a Vertenairy Doctors , which can be a very profitable thing.

I hope these upper words will help you to come out of your problem to how to earn money as a kid and will solve your problem what to do next.

Now , I will try to explain how to start , what is basis rule if income sources and my own experience that how I managed my income sources at 18 and all these things will help to get our from the problem that how to earn money as kid.

Basic rule of income sources : As per my experience we can divide income sources into three parts :

1.) Primary income source : Primary income source is a source on which you are directly depends. It is your most reliable income source such as it can be a job , your shop , your business etc. 

Any income source which fulfills your family daily needs , health care needs , other costs is considered a Primary income source.

2.) Secondary income source : Secondary income source is a source on which you are not directly depends but you think this can replace your primary income source if any danger come on primary income source.

It can be income from blogging , YouTube , part time job , farm income , agriculture income etc.

3.) Tertiary income source : Tertiary income source is a source which you are trying to get income and learning for it.

It is not giving you monthly income but you think that after some time it will give you monthly or daily income. For example learning trading , learning video editing , learning software development etc.

For me anytime in life these income sources should be in life as in this competitive world we cannot consider any income a passive income.

When I was eighteen you will not believe we have three income source one from my shop which was in city , one from dairy farm which was of 10 cows in my house and one from agriculture.

Here my shop was my primary income source , my dairy farm and agriculture earning was my secondary income source and trading which I was learning was my tertiary income source.

Now how a kid(age=18) can start his earning ???

As a kid it's very difficult to do , as if you starts hard physical working then people will troll you .

As a kid , if his parents have a business or shop then one should first try to increase income from that shop or business like if customers are coming you can increase many items there , so that people who come there can buy if they want and this will directly increase you shop or business income.

Secondly , one should start firstly with online , like learning blogging , creating YouTube channel , learning making apps etc. 

This will not create any pressure on you as if your family has a decent amount of income from shop or business(matters from person to person ) then you will get maximum time to learn and earn.

I hope above guide will help anyone to increase his income and income sources and how to earn money as a kid.

If you have any suggestions or recommendation then fell free to write a comment below


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