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What does it mean to be a human🔥🔥

    What does it mean to be a human

What it does mean to be a human
What does it mean be a human

There is a great diversity of living organisms , of which humans are most intelligent , considering our origin we will try to understand What does it mean to be a human .

First i will describe what does it mean to be a human.

• Being a human means we are intelligent.

• Being a human means we are care taker of this Earth.

• Being a human means we can self- care.

• Being a human means we can judge what is right and wrong.

• Being a human means we continue to do better from past in short humans continue to improve themselves and their work.

• Being a human we grow our food in the form of grains , milk cows , rear animals.

• Being a human means we have feelings about other , we can invent new things , we can care other species , we can make machines , we are creator of science .

• Being a human means we can talk , we have different languages , we have a sharp mind to do new things , we have our own houses , we can handle environment conditions.

• Being a human means we can dress up , we learn from our mistakes , we worship our God , we have mobiles , we are advanced species , we enjoy , we work hard to protect our species .

• Being a human means we are discipline , we are species in which  Newton , Graham Bell , Bill Clinton, Goldberg etc has born.

• Being human means we have cars , airplanes , trains , bullet trains etc. for faster transportation etc.

The diversity of organisms which we see around us have evolved from their ancestors and we , humans  were from Cupuchin monkey , Rhesus monkey , Gibbon , Chimpanzee etc.

Now I will try to elaborate above written words so that you can understand what does it mean to be a human being

1.) We(humans) are intelligent : Being human , no doubt we are intelligent , we can solve big - big algorithms , we can make new generation laptops , we can teach others , we have made school , colleges , universities to teach our children's , we wear clothes , we take daily bath , we have developed vaccines to protect from many harmful diseases , we have advance farming to feed our population properly etc. shows that the human species is the most intelligent species available on Earth .

2.) We(humans) are caretaker of Earth : There are many species of both plants and animals are available on the Earth. We as human have build zoos , have reserved forests , we have special universities who researches on both animals and plants to protect them , we plant both indoor and outdoor plants by doing this we are protect that plant species , we take care of our per animals , by doing all these things we are protecting Earth species.

3.) We(humans) can self-care : Other species like birds , animals etc. don't take a regular bath , don't do brush , don't cut nails , these all do nothing for cleaning themselves to protect from diseases but human do all these things. 

That's why human species which is densely populated on Earth is still live.

4.) Humans can judge between right and wrong : Humans have sense of humour to judge between right and wrong . If somebody is beating any innocence poor people without any reason or somebody is forcing a child to do child labour , then being a human we will stop these persons to do such stuffs.
This is the behavior of human , God has gifted him with all senses.

5.) Humans continue to improve things : Modification is the nature of human , from cars to clothes , we haven't been modifying these things with time according to our needs.
In 19's we don't have a Bugatti Chiron but today we have and in the same way we have modified clothes , our houses , our nature , our country , our living standards , our equipments and everything which is human using.

6.) Humans grow their food own : Human grows their most of food they required in the form of meat , plants , green vegetables , fruits , nuts etc. But other species cannot grow or make their own except plants.

That's why human is also called self dependent.

7.) Humans have feelings : Humans have feelings ( many others have ) to express anger , love , sadness , happiness , loneliness etc. 

We have feelings that's why we keep cat as our pet animals , sometimes we gossips and little bit fight with our friends , that's why we drift , that's why we watch movies , YouTube videos , that's why we live together.

8.) We humans understand how to live : We all know how to read and write , we all know how to talk , we have our own rigid houses , we have our own jobs and works , we have a fix time for work and sleep , we do hard work , we elect govt. , we play games , we watch Mr. Bean , we watch cartoons etc.

All these activities make human different from other species as humans know very wisely how to live.

9.) We humans are disciplined : We all are disciplined to our work , self caring , human species have born Newton , Einstein , William Shakespeare and many more legends.

10.)  We have technology : Today we have smartphones , smarthomes , smartcars , airplanes, better rail facilities , better medical facilities , better farming technique etc. than any other species . 

How human has evolved

Human is the wisest creature on Earth. Some people consider human beings as a supreme creation. Biologists explain human just another animal based in it's body structure and working.

Carolus Linnaeus placed man among the monkeys and apes. Charles Darwin stated that man was one more animal species whose origin and evolution could be traced just like that of any other species.

As we discussed above that the unique qualities of human are language, advanced thoughts and culture evolved through the natural selection .


Human beings belong to a single family(Hominoidae) , a single genus (Homo) , a single species (sapeins) , a single sub- species (sapiens) and four races (  Mongoloid , Negroid , Caucasoid and Australoid).

Characteristics of Human

What does it mean to be a human

Todays modern man shows the following characteristics features , which we acquired during the course of evolution

1.) Large brain and cranial cavity : Man has extra ordinary large brain and high intelligence . The volume of cranial cavity is more than 1450cc in human than apes and monkeys.

2.) Upright posture : Upright posture is due to major changes in musculo - skeletal system consequently , legs became short , thorax became broad and flat.

3.) Bipedal locomotion : Due to bipedal locomotion , forelimbs or hands are free to do other functions.

4.) Forelimbs : The forelimbs evolved into efficient grasping and manipulating devices for carrying things , making tools , self - protection , hurling weapons etc.

5.) Opposable thumb : During evolutionary change in human , thumb has been brought opposite to fingers enabling the hand for better grasping power.

6.) Orthognathous face : In homo sapiens , face is orthognathous ( straight from head to chinta) with protruding canines of the lower jaw , where ape's face is Prognathous , i.e , protruded out into a short if muzzal.

7.) Intelligence : The ability of thinking , planning , reasoning , logic and expression of emotions is highly developed , due to the presence of developed cerebral hemisphere.

8.) Binocular vision : Human beings possess binocular and steroscopic vision , which enables the depth perception and distance estimation.

9.) Food : Man was herbivorous earlier , whereas today's man is omnivorous ( both grass and flesh). Apes are still herbivorous.

10.) Breeding capacity : In human beings , birth rate was reduced and polyembryony was earlier lost. Man shows monogamy ( living in a couple by male and female individual) .

11.) Hearing : Acoustic efficiency is also less developed.

12.) Loss of body hairs : Body hairs are present as a vestigial form.

13.) Social and cultural organisation : Man is called a social creature . He lives in a society , where one helps to others. The development of speech and communication of complex informations between the individual are significant social developments.

So this is the an overview of evolution of human.

Being a human what we can do more to improve all humans

1.) Healthcare to all : Still there are many people in this world , who died because they don't have money to buy medicines or to go hospitals.

So being a human , it's our responsibility to provide better healthcare to poor people , we can help poor people who lives nearby in our town or cities , this will make them happy , their family will bless us .

2.) Better housing and food for all : Still there are many people in this world who lives outside and there are many who sleeps on road pathways.

They have also emotion , they also have families , being a human it's our responsibility to provide facility to these people.

So , these are the points , I hope , I have described well that what does it mean to be a human , if you have any suggestions , then comment below , I will try to reply you.


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