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How many types of Computer ? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ( 4 , 7 or 10 ? )

   How Many Types Of Computer ?

How many types of computer
How Many Types Of Computer

Written by : Ashish Chahar55

    ' How many types of computer

    There are many answer on internet but there is not a single direct answer , as per me there are 7 types , so first I will mention how many types/kinds of computer , then will explain one by one.

    Computer can be classified on their data processing capabilities. Computer can be also classified on their working capabilities , storages capacity , money , performance capacity or aim for computers are being used.

    Computer on the basis of operating system and data processing capabilities can be classified into three parts which are mentioned below : 

    1.) Analog Computer

    2.) Digital Computer

    3.) Hybrid Computers 

    Computer on the basis of size , storage capacity and performance can be classified into 4 parts : 

    1.) Super Computer

    2.) Mainframe Computer 

    3.) Mini Computer

    4.) Micro Computer : ( sub - division )

    a) Workstations
    b) Desktops
    c) Palmtop / Tablet 
    d) Laptops 
    e) Notebook

    Now , we will discuss one by one in brief :

    Analog Computer

    Analog computers works on the theory of measure , it converts any measures into data. Analog computers are used in scientific calculations , industrial purposes , medical , cars etc.

    Analog computers provides continuous signal that's why they are used in hospitals , speedometer , watches , thermometer , voltage meter .

    Digital Computer

    Digital Computer work on numbers . These computers works on only those data which are in binary language . All the data or instructions are altogether input in digital computer and in turn computer processes according to the instructions and give results in the form of output.

    Digital computer can process all the calculation and logical inputs. As these computers have many uses , so these are used in various types of works.

    In today's world when we talk about computers , then we are talking about digital computer . In digital computer signals are discontinuous.

    Micro computer , Mini computer , Mainframe computer , Super Computer are example of digital computer. 

    Hybrid Computer

    These computers contains both analog and digital computers qualities. That's why these computers can work on calculations of temperature , speed , flow etc . also these can solve logical works.

    These computers give output in numbers or measurable units . Hybrid Computers are mainly used in hospitals where hybrid Computers can input temperature , heart beat , blood pressure etc. like an analog signal and then convert into digital signal and gives output in numbers.

    Super Computer

    How many types of computer
    Super computers

    Super computers are biggest in computers category. These computers have most biggest storage memory and fastest working speed among all computers.

    Super computers are most expensive. Very complex and top class calculations are only possible because of these computers. These computers are most important researches and scientific works . For example NASA uses super computers to launch space ships and , also to control and  discover new things in space these space ships , super computers are used.

    Super Computers require very big rooms to operate as we can see in above images. First super computer was made in 1964 and the name of that computer was ' CDC 6600 '.

    Work Area of Super Computers 

    1.)  Weather Forecasting : These computers are used to for assuming , predicting and analysing about rain , storms , nature and intensity of these natural activities.

    2.)  Information of Earthquakes : Super computers are used to find the earthquake places. These are also use for the discovery of natural gas , petroleum and coal.

    3.)  Communication purpose : These computers are also used increase and establish communications between equipments , persons and machines .

    Super Computers are also use for many other works like to know the effect of nuclear weapons and for the testing of weapons.

    Some examples of famous Super Computers 

    1.) IBM's Sequoia ( In America )

    2.) Fujitsu's Computer ( In Japan ) 

    3.) PARAM Super Computer ( In India ) 

    PARAM Super Computer 

    Invention of Super computer in India is done by C-DAC ( Centre for Development of Advanced Computing ) . PARAM is fully developed in India. Invention of PARAM super computers is a great scientific achievement for India.

    There are other fine products of PARAM  such as PARAM 10000 , PARAM Anant and PARAM Padam , which are developed by India.

    These super computers of India are not only use in India but also these are being use in foreign countries and these are getting more popularity day by day. These PARAM computers have immense working capability.

    PARAM's development story is also interesting. In the decade of 1980 , when United States America banned the supply of highly capable and powerful Cray X-MP and other computer hardware's.

    But the quote ' Necessity is the Mother of invention ' worked here and that banning became a blessing for India. 

    Indian scientists took this as a challenge and result of this challenge was that Indian Scientists developed the powerful , unbeatable , highly capable ' The PARAM Super Computer '.

    PARAM is a versatile super computer. PARAM is being use in predicting weather , medicines , designing , making ionic models , curing diseases etc.

    PARAM has given a not able contribution when we faced any difficulty in solving space and nuclear programs.

    PARAM has also given notable contribution in finding the oil and gas deposits under the Earth. PARAM is a fabulous piece of our developed scientists and engineers loyalty and hard work for our country.

    Mainframe Computer 

    Mainframe Computer was developed in the decade of 1950. These are as much big as rooms. These are also very expensive. These computers are placed in a room where cooling facility and other facilities are available.

    At a time more than 100 people can work on Mainframe computer. These computers can process too much data at a very high speed. These computers are mainly used government organisation , any big commercial companies , big commercial banks , educational organisations , insurance companies etc to store their customers data.

    Some famous Mainframe computers are :

    1.) Fujitsu's ICL VME

    2.)  Hitachi's Z800

    3.) IBM 4300

    4.) IBM 4381

    5.) VAX 8842

    Mini Computers

    Mini Computers are medium sized computers , which are less expensive and less powerful than mainframe computers but they are more powerful , more workable and expensive than micro - computers.

    Mini computers have enough storage capacity and a fast processing capacity. These have more than one CPU. At a time a single or more than one person can work. These computers are used in big offices , banks , production houses , medium sized companies , commercial organisations etc.

    Some examples of Mini computers are as follows : 

    1.) K - 202

    2.) Texas Instrument TI - 990

    3.) SDS - 92 

    Micro Computer 

    These computers are very famous among people. These are small in size and less expensive among all computers. Mini computers have only one CPU.

    These computers relatively less storage capacity and less working speed. These computers are known as called Personal Computers or PC. 

    At a time only one person can work comparing to other computers where more than one person can work that's why these are called Personal Computers or PC's.

    These are use for communication , educational purposes , entertainment , video editing , gaming , blogging and many other normal works.

    Micro - Computers have many other types which are as follows :

    1.) Workstations : Workstations are CPU which are made for specific work such as scientific research , 3D works , graphic field , high level gaming etc. You have seen many gamers on YouTube , playing game on four to five computers at the same time , all these required workstations.

    Some examples of workstation are :

    1.) HP Z4 G4

    2.) Dell precision 5810

    3.) Lenovo ThinkStation P320

    4.) HP Z2 Mini G3 

    2.) Desktop Computer : Desktop computers are those computers on which work is done by placing computer on table .

    Desktop computer made up of output ( devices on which process data is showed by the CPU ) and input device ( devices which are used by the user to send instructions to the CPU ).

    Output devices includes Monitor , printer , Speakers etc. and input devices includes mouse , keyboard , joystick , light pen etc.

    All these are managed by CPU ( mind of the computer ). At a time only one person can work on desktop. These are less expensive and less capable than workstations.

    These are mostly fixed and cannot be moved on daily basis. All these components are connected with wires and CPU is connected to desktop with a special wire called ' VGA Cable'. These requires a continuous power supply to run but nowadays UPS are being in trend which provides electricity to desktops for a short period of time.

    Price of desktops depends upon the quality and brands product used. Prices goes from 15000 Rupees to 5 lakh Rupees.

    3.) Palmtop Computers : These are very small in size than desktops and laptops . Palmtop computers can be easily run and operated on palm.

    These are run on batteries comparing to desktops which requires continuous electricity to run. Their processing and working capacity are very less than laptops and desktops.

    4.) Tablet : Tablets are bigger than mobiles and smaller than desktops. These have touch screen through which all work is done.

    It run on batteries which needs to be charged. These are more capable than palmtop but less than desktops and laptops.

    Tablets don't have mouse , keyboards , CPU or any other extra equipments .

    Almost all work can be done on tablets which can be done on desktops and laptops.

    How many types of computer

    5.) Laptops : Laptop is a personal computer which can performs all the activities which desktops can perform from video editing to high level gaming.

    Laptops are designed for easy movability or portability. These are all - in - one design which consists keyboard , track pad ( through which pointer is controlled) , speaker , ports , disk drive etc in one device.

    These are battery powered which can run up to 12 hours depending upon the model. Nowadays touch screen is also provided in laptops to increase efficiency and decrease the working time.

    Some of the popular laptop making companies are HP , APPLE , ACER , DELL , MICROSOFT.

    6.) Note Book : Note book computer are similar to laptop computer which can be easily run and operates on a flat surface.

    Note book computers can be easily transfer from one place to another.  Like laptop computers keyboard , mouse , speakers etc. are available in one device. These are less capable and less efficient than laptops.

    Characteristics of these Computers

    In this modern world , to evolve computer is compulsory. Stay tight and let's see characteristics of computer which are making them too much popular :

    1.) Speed : Computer works at very high speed. It can solve complex to complex calculations in few seconds. A personal computer can to crores calculations in less than seconds. If computer takes one minute to solve any work or calculation then to solve the same calculation a man can take one month or more to solve it.

    2.) Accuracy : Results provide by Computer are always right and accurate. Once we give right instructions to computer then computer give accurate and right results. Computer never mistakes as it has no emotions like we have. Fault in computer results are only due to fault instructions given by the person operating it.

    Computer can only give wrong results if any technical error comes in system or any virus effect.

    3.) Diligency : Unlike humans who get tired during working , computer don't get tired after continuous work without losing it's capability and efficiency.

    4.) Power of Remembering : Computers have a storage memory like humans. But human can only remember for sometime or cannot store too much knowledge whereas computer can remember for many years and no data limit , it can be in lakhs and crores.

    5.) Versatility : Computers are use for many purposes. Computer are giving notable contribution in homes , schools , colleges , hospitals , factories , labs , institutions , weather forcasting , entertainment etc.

    6.) Automation : Computers are very useful in automation which saves man time and work.

    Conclusion on characteristics of computer is that computers have become a important part of life and yes we are nothing without computers.

    Computer Generation

    Around 75 years later from today , computer enter in Humans life. On the basis of technology computer is classified in generations. Here we will see how above discussed types of computer's get developed.

    There is a twist in the development of computer from generations to generations i.e ( that is ) the working speed and storage capacity had increased but price decreased with this development process.

    Including today , computer development process can be divided in five parts which are as follows :

    1.) First Generation Computer ( from 1942 to 1955 ) : In first generation computer , vaccum tubes were used. At that time , vaccum tubes were bigger in size therefore the size of first generation computer were big.

    Their working speed was low. For input and output of informations , punch cards were used. Magnetic drum were used for storage memory in this generation. In these computers Assembly language was popular.

    Some important examples of First Generation are ENIAC and EDVAC.

    2.) Second Generation of Computers ( from 1955 to 1964 ) : In second generation computers transistors were used. Transistors were discovered in 1947 by Bell Laboratories.

    Transistors is a Solid State Device which is made up of semi - conductor metal. The work of transistors was same that was of ' vaccum tubes ' in first generation computers.

    But transistors were very small comparing to vaccum tubes and they were more reliable and relatively more faster working ability. Also transistors consumed less electricity than vaccum tubes.

    At the same time , during this period correction in memory were going on. In the decade of 1960 , Primary memory which was totally based on transistors came into existence. For Secondary memory magnetic tapes and disc were used , which is still prevalent today.

    With the use of transistors , computers sizes were also becoming small and as well as most of high temperature problem were reduced. Because of smaller sizes , internal memory with good input and output devices were started to be used.

    Prices of computers were also decreased due to increasing competition and reducing the size. IBM - 70 SERIES , IBM - 1600 SERIES , CDC - 3600 were the chief computers of second generation computers.

    3.) Third Generation Computers : In third generation computers , transistors were replaced by Integrated Circuits. In short I.C.

    Integrated Circuit is a small , flat rectangular piece in which thousands of transistors and other electronic material are contained.

    Chip is a very popular name for Integrated Circuits due to flat and small sizes.

    With the use of Integrated Circuits  , computers were became more smaller in size , working speed increased , storage increased and costs also decreased. IBM -360 , LCL - 1900 , WAIX - 750 we're chief computers of that time.

    4.) Fourth Generation Computer( From 1975 to 1989 ) : In fourth generation , VLSI ( Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits ) were used on large scale. A one by fourth part of circuit contained lakhs of transistors and any other electronic circuit. Therefore these circuits were called microchip.

    In 1970 , first microchip ' Intel 4004 ' was prepared by Intel Corporations. These small chips were began to be called micro processor. Computer containing Micro processor is called Micro computer.

    By the use of micro processor , the sizes of this generation computers were decreased significantly. As a result , those computers which required big rooms to operate , were now kept on tables ( Desktop Computer ).

    Based on microprocessor , fourth generation computers have surprisingly increased working ability , storage and reliability.

    On the basis of size , fourth generation computers can be classified in desktops , laptops , palmtops , mini computer , mainframe computer and super computer , which we discussed in this guide.

    5.) Fifth Generation Computer ( From 1989 to present ) : Fifth generation computers are currently in development stage. Their understanding capacity , decision making , reasoning etc. are being developing.

    These computers are capable of faster working ability , more reliable and more capable of doing very complex works. Programming procedure will also be easy in fifth generation computer. These will be able to understand human behavior and language , which will be more easy to give commands to these computers.

    If you have any suggestions, make sure to comment below , your suggestions are welcome.


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