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What Do Cats Eat? | 13 human food cats can eat🔥🔥

       What Do Cats Eat ?

What do cats eat
What do Cats Eat

Are you curious to know 'what do cats eat' , then this article is for you .

Nowadays cats are winning hearts of people , especially those who have small houses and apartments .They are very independent and many times end up with eating human food.

Cats are omnivorous ( animals who eat both flesh and vages ) , it all depends on cats digestive system , is cat has lactose or gluten problem or anything else.

Like we eat different food which we call a 'balanced diet' ( a balanced diet is a diet which includes all minerals , vitamins , carbohydrates , oils , proteins , healthy fats etc. , which help to provide body immunity and all nutrients to body) , in the same way you cat requires a balanced diet to make his bones , muscles , organs , skin and hairs healthy and strong

here i will try to discuss human foods including both vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods , so let's get started .

Cheese / Ghee / Butter

Cats love to eat Desi ghee , they always try to eat ghee , I have a cat in my house and she always tries to eat ghee but ghee contains lots of fat , so it can also increase weight of your cat.
Ghee contains vitamin-A which makes your cats eyes healthy , provides lubrication to stomach and intestinal walls etc.

Now how much ?? , as per my experience one spoon is enough for a healthy cat , you can add ghee to one spoon in cats daily food this will make food more tastier and enhances food nutrients.


This is famous among cats because of it's sour taste . Yogurt / curd contains zinc , calcium , potassium , iron , magnesium and all healthy vital nutrients which make cats immune system healthier.

Now , try to give skimmed curd as skimmed curd contains less fat and less sugar than normal curd. Try to add a pinch of salt which make more beneficial for cats.

Here video link , what is skimmed curd and how to make skimmed curd at home :


Milk is a classic food which is used for cat and cats also loves it.
Milk is a proper food which contains all the vital nutrients , minerals , protein and fats. However , keep in mind that milk offered to cat has to be lactose free so that it can't cause any digestive problem to your cat and also helps in weight management.

If you want to give regular milk , then simply boil it , and leave of cool off , when it becomes cool , a layer of cream comes on milk , just simply remove it and serve milk to cat , this milk will contain less fat and easy to digest for cat.

You can also add a small pinch of turmeric in milk once in a week , turmeric has lots of health benefits both internal and external.

I hope you are enjoying the article

' What do cats eat'


Rice can be another food that can be on your cats menu. They love it and it also helps with gastrointestinal problems.

 Rice is an excellent food which contains less fat , high in starchy carbohydrates.
It contains all vitamins , minerals and magnesium.

Rice can in your cats daily menu , and as we discussed above about ghee so you can add ghee to rice with a pinch of sugar , my cat loves to eat this food recipe.

What do cats eat

Cooked Eggs

Eggs contains high level of proteins , selenium , zinc , vitamins , fats , iron etc. which helps well functioning of cats body.

It's important to note that eggs should be served without salt or any seasoning.

Also avoid feeding your cat raw eggs , raw eggs can cause serious harm to the health of your cat.


Cats love to eat salmon and tuna. Fish contains Omega - 3 fatty acid  which helps better functioning of internal organs. Also it contains calcium , phosphorus , iodine , potassium , iron , zinc and magnesium which all provides strength to bones , muscles and also increases blood flow in body and makes cat hair healthy , smooth and stronger.

But remember to remove all the bones from fish , before serving your cat to eat.


As cats are omnivorous they love to eat meat . Meat is a good source of protein and fats which help to provide strength to internal organs , provide good vision etc.

The lean cut turkey , pork , chicken etc. these all can be served to your cat without skin and chop to help smooth  digestive processes.

Try to serve raw meat as it can cause digestive problems to your cat . Using of boiled or cooked meat makes digestion and absorption of nutrients from meat easier in your cat.


Oats , as we all know are good source of protein and contains good amount of calories in it. They are easy to make and take less time to cooked.

Oats also helps in weight management of your cat and support heart health. Milk oats can be very beneficial for your cat.

Besides all these it's very important to provide adequate amount of water to your cat for proper hydration in your cats body.

What fruits can cats eat 

Fruits fulfills the water requirements in your cats body and at the same time fruits provide essential minerals , vitamins , antioxidants etc. to your cats body.

But before you serve fruits to your cat , you need to know what nutritional benefits they can provide. We also need to know which fruit is better for your cat and which fruit should be avoided . You can add little fruits to your cats diet.

Especially in summers fruits can help a lot to your cat to meet his/her water requirements.

Fruits which cats can eat

Melon and watermelons

Both melons and watermelons are made up of entirely water . Due to it's rich water content , it is most ideal fruit for your cat in summers.

Also it contains good amounts of vitamin A and C which provides better vision and skin to your cat.


This red fruit which we call ' strawberry ' is rich in antioxidants , vitamins and minerals such as potassium. 

Strawberry keeps cats body hydrate and provide heart health and control blood sugar levels of your cat body.


Apples are good source of water , vitamins and minerals . Apples also help in digestive problems , it's nutricious which provide health to internal organs like heart , liver , stomach etc.

Fruits which cats can't eat

Grapes and raisins shouldn't be given to cat as it had seen that it these becomes toxic to cat.

How to give fruits to cats

Fruits should never exceeds more than 5% of a cat total diet. That's why only pieces of fruits should be given from time to time and in small quantities.
In cases like in melon and apples , seeds should be removed before serving to cats  and in case , fruits which require peel off to eat should be peeled off before giving to your cat.

What do cats eat

What vegetables can cats eat

Usually most of the vegetables are low in calories and fats . Vegetables such as carrot , broccoli , potatoes etc. contains vitamin A , minerals , iron and other nutritional values.

Those who want to make their cat vegan then a diet containing vegetables , fruits , dairy products and other products which are packed available in market can help a lot to make your cat vegan.

But some cats like vegetables and some not. So I will try to share some add-ons in your cats vegetables diet.


Potatoes are rich in fibre , potassium , minerals and vitamins and less cholesterol which helps support of your cats heart.

You can simply boil one potato in water.
When potato become fully soft or boiled then take it out and mash it in a bowl.
Now take spoon of oil or ghee in a pan and cook finely , after being ready , rest cooked potato to cool off and then serve to your cat.

Or you can boil a egg , here is the process:

Boil the egg in water , and add this boiled egg in mashed potatoes and mix these well , your cats food is ready to serve.

Same way you can boil carrot , broccoli and other vegetables which your cat like.


Asparagus being low in calories and contain a great amount of vitamins , minerals , fibers and other nutrients.
Asparagus also improves reproductive system of cats.

You can simply boil asparagus with other vegetables or you can add to any other food .

Foods cats can't eat

When it come to foods cats can't eat or harmful foods then here cats are more sensitive to any other pet animal.

Cats have different digestive system than ours , therefore it's very important to know which foods should never be feed to your cats so here is the list and explanation :


It have been seen that onions are very harmful for cats and can cause toxicity in your cats , one of the reason is because  of  sulphides and disulphides.


As we all know coffee contains caffeine , which can be very harmful for your cat and can cause hyperactivity , hypertension and even death in small cats.


Any vitamin supplement like capsules of vitamin-A , vitamin-B or any other vitamins are not healthy for your cat and it should be avoided.


Like onions , garlic can also cause health issues in your cat because of some chemical contents which your don't suit your cats body.

Raw Eggs

Raw eggs can also cause health issues to your cat as raw eggs contains many bad bacteria's and also protein in raw is not easily digestible for your cat stomach.


Try to keep grapes away from your cat , as some grapes species contains some toxins which not suits some animals like cats and if consumed by cats can cause them serious health issues.

Excessive Dairy products 

Dairy products are very healthy and beneficial for body but there should be a proper scheduled diet.


Chocolates including toffees , chewing gums , lollipops etc. can be very harmful for your cat. As it contains artificial colours , flavours and sweeteners , so it can be very harmful for your cat.

Alcohol and tobacco

As we all know alcohol and tobacco contains nicotine , which is injurious to health no matter human or animals. Their are no health benefits of alcohol and tobacco so simply keep away these two bad stuffs from your cat for better health and well functioning of your cats body.

Bread Dough or Yeast

Bread dough containing yeast can cause serious health issues to your cats health .

As when bread dough containing yeast ingested can cause gas in stomach and too much pain to your cat.

So try to avoid these type of yeast containing food.


Food containing bones such as fish bone or meat bone or any other can cause many serious problem to your cat body.

Bones when ingested can stuck in cats food pipe and can cause damage to any internal organs and internal walls of cats stomach.

Salt and Seeds

In some cases , it have seen that salt can cause health issues in cat , so before giving salt to cat ask your veterinary doctor.

Same way seeds and peel of fruits can also cause health issues in your cat so please try to avoid these.

So these are the most important food which should be avoided for better health of your cat and to see your cat always happy and loveable.


• What does house cat eat ?
Above mentioned food can be given to a house cat.

Can cats eat ice - cream ?
As ice-cream contains fats with no much nutrients , a cat should not eat ice-cream.

• Do cats eat rice ? 
Yes cats eat rice , Rice can be another food that can be on your cats menu. They love it and it also helps with gastrointestinal problems. So seeing these health , cats can eat rice.

• How to buy pet food for my cat in curfew?

Yes , You can order on Amazon , Flipkart or any other e-commerce sites , they will deliver you your cat food in two to three day.

Link Amazon :
Link Flipkart :

• What should we add to Whiskas kitten food water or milk ?

Whiskas kitten food is itself a complete food , so it doesn't require to mix with water or milk as per company but you have to give water to your cat as cat become thirsty after eating dry food or you can soak in water not in milk as Whiskas kitten food itself a complete food.

• Is it safe when a cat sleeps too much and without eating food ? 

No , it's not good for any cat , if she sleeps too much without eating any food as it can be a sign of any disease. You have to examine your cats every behavior and it body temperature or if conditions worsens then immediately call your nearest doctor.

Summary / word of wisdom

Cats are very sensitive to food , especially if cat has allergic problem. It's compulsory to make a daily routine diet which contains all essential nutrient and minerals , and write it on a board and feed your according to diet board.

Before doing any work please consult your nearby Vertenairy doctor.

If you love the article or if you have any suggestions , try to comment below , I will try to reply.


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